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Apple Mail to PST Import, Learn how Mail Extractor Pro can be your secret weapon!

A lot many email converter tools boast of spotless performances in the Apple mail to PST import task; however, only a few prove their mettle via splendid results. Such is the case with USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro too. This Apple mail to PST tool is meant to simplify this highly arduous task not just for the experts but also for the beginners.

Apple mail to PST import
The tool comes with great features that assist the users in recreating every bit of information with precision. These have been thoroughly discussed hereunder:

Do not fall for pricey tools; get the best Apple mail to PST tool with fabulous features!

Mail Extractor Pro has been deemed as the best tool in the industry due to the perfect amalgamation of features on it. Here are a few of the most revered characteristics possessed by this tool:


If you are looking for a tool that is comprehensible then this one is the best choice for you. It comes with a very basic interface coupled with round the clock customer care services.

Bulk conversions:

The tool allows you to convert multiple files at once. This typically helps in saving time and effort of the users, especially, when converting large databases.


The tool also extends supersonic speed in the process to import Apple mail to PST. Thus, users are able to get the final copies of their data files within minutes of the initiation of the process.


Needless to say, the accuracy of the final results is on point. Every single bit of data such as graphic images, nested messages, attachments, etc. gets preserved with precision.

Converts multiple input formats: 

With this tool in hand, users can also import MBOX, EML, Postbox, and Thunderbird to PST in addition to Apple mail to PST import task.

Splits up large PST files: 

Another amazing feature is that the users get an option to optimize the size of the final PST files by splitting them up.

Automatic upload of database: 

The tool also supports automatic upload of data files; hence, resulting in saving of time and effort. 

All of this is available to the users at very reasonable costs. There are 4 license keys to choose from. Not just that but also the users can freely test it by downloading its demo trial version beforehand.

Get your FREE demo copy today. 

import apple mail to pst

Do not compromise on the security of the files in ‘Apple mail to PST’ import task!

Mail Extractor Pro is undoubtedly the best choice for you as it satiates all sorts of job requirements via its vast feature list. More importantly, it does so while preserving the integrity of the data files. The safety shield in place ensures no harm comes to the files, internally or externally.

Thus, the tool covers all the check points from simplicity to safety and advanced features to cost.

Get this tool today to excel at Apple mail to PST import job!


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